Pablo Inza and Sofia Saborido – Basel 2021

Saturday 11.9
SEM1 13h – 16h30
Seminar (3h) Mixing elements and qualities. Linear and circular moves. Short and stylish combinations to enrich you tango vocabulary while working on the technique and the quality. Achieve smoothness and progression in the movement.

WS1 16h45 – 18h30
Students’ choice workshop (1h30). This class will be “a la carte” so the students will be able to suggest topics they want to work on and we’ll try to put together all the suggestions and discover together where all that takes us!

Milonga with show 21h – 2h
DJ (coming soon) Show : Pablo Inza – Sofia Saborido

Sunday 12.9
WS2 13h-14h30
Changing the embrace (1h30) How to adapt the bodies within the couple according to the different needs in various situations

WS3 15h-16h30
Workshop (1h30) Kings of the walk. Some classic walks from some of our most admired milongueros./ Revisiting the walk. Some good old moves from our most admired milongueros.

1 ws : 45 CHF (reduced 35CH)
2ws or 1sem : 90 CHF (reduced 70 CHF)
1ws + 1sem : 130 CHF (reduced 100 CHF)
1ws + 2 sem : 160 CHF (reduced 130 CHF)
1ws + 3 sem : 180 CHF (reduced 150 CHF)
Saturday milonga : 25 CHF regular price / 15 CHF reduced price
Reduced prices are solidarity prices for students or for people with low income

Workshops and event only with COVID-certifikate.